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Lunch Box 470: No Idea What To Call This [Nov. 19th, 2007|09:57 pm]
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Today's lunch is sponsored by Things I Need To Clear Outta My Fridge Before Thanksgiving. I have a rolled omelet with mushrooms, cheddar cheese, and spinach. I mixed some beet juice in with the eggs, and they turned a cool pink-orange, but the color faded during the cooking phase. Ah well. Hiding under the omelet are some sauteed mushrooms. I have stir-fried zucchini, which I stir-fried in butter, mmm. Unsurprisingly I have baked purple sweet potato, and perhaps surprisingly I have kushi dango. The latter is supposed to be made with steamed rice dumplings, but I had all these ggul ddeok (Korean rice cakes) that I decided I was not too thrilled with - they're a bit bland - so I skewered them and covered 'em with kushi dango sauce. Close enough, ne?

(Website post, with links to recipes.)