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Lunch Box 335: Monday munchies - My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Lunch Box 335: Monday munchies [Apr. 2nd, 2007|08:53 pm]
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Just as Fridays are my "pillage the leftovers" day, Mondays are my "lookit what I cooked over the weekend!" day. And this weekend I tried a couple of new things, both of which turned out real nice. The main item here is crab rangoons, which are quite easy to make and, IMO, taste just as good as they do in restaurants. I haven't done the fancy pinwheel shells because 1) takes up too much bento space, and 2) how do they fry those without the filling turning into crud? The other new item on the menu is latkes, for the making of which I bought a potato ricer. (Like a garlic press, but BIG.) And then there's light-fried plantain chips and edamame, and on the other side a bit of almond cake and a fruit salad with blood orange segments, tangerine segments, grapes, and pineapple-stuffed rambutans. The rambutans were canned, and came pre-pineapple-stuffed, by the way.

(Website post, with links to recipes.)